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There are a few members of the Zomato team that just sit in the pockets of management and simply say 'yes' to every single idea, those people do well at Zomato. Those of us who have career goals, have business experience, have ideas or (dare I say) want to have a life outside Zomato, we're labeled as not 'having the right culture' Culture my behind. It's not a culture to make people work 11.

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The best thing of Zomato was their HR team. They was very supporting and they always take quick action. 2. Our team leader was of really awesome and he always wear a smile on his face and he was really too supporting. 3. The manager decided to take a conference session every week which was of 1 hour so we can discuss our office issues and problem. 4. In Zomato, salary was always on time.

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Zomato Base has a built-in CRM interface, too, that keeps tracks of customer profiles such as their favorite and disliked menu items. By doing so, the application allows restaurants to personalize their returning customers’ dining experiences. Real-Time Metrics. With Zomato Base, restaurants can also track their sales performance. Real-time.


Hello, I will write my full review of Zomato. I have been a member of the Zomato for over five years now. I've been confronted with certain issues regarding the app during this time. As everyone knows, Zomato is an app that delivers food, but every order placed has not arrived on time to d.

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Here’s why posting bad reviews on Zomato is the new go to.

Write a review for ZOMATO.com at SpotReviews.in. You can also share your shopping experience and give your own store rating for ZOMATO.com.

Zomato Employees Burn Company T-Shirts to Protest Chinese.

Here’s why posting bad reviews on Zomato is the new go to threat Online food portals like Zomato are turning into weapons for disgruntled patrons. Those who had bad experiences frequently.


Zomato Auckland has changed a lot during the past 3 years and I can definitely say that it's changed for the better. The management and co-workers were supportive, empathetic and hardworking. They welcomed everyone to express opinions even if they are opposed to the majority. There was a huge sense of team spirit and belonging instilled in everyone, which meant support would be offered.

Zomato was founded as Foodiebay in 2008 and renamed Zomato in 2010. (10) (11) In 2011, Zomato expanded across India to Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata. (12) In 2012, the company expanded operations internationally in several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, (13) Qatar, (14) the United Kingdom, (15) the Philippines, (14) and South.


Zomato is all geared to fight fake reviews on its platform. Since last year post project Fairplay, Zomato has been working on its Neutrality Team that will filter and delete fake reviews.

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Zomato job review Delivery partner (Former Employee) - Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh - May 27, 2020 It was good at the beginning but later turned to be una heavy competition of delivering order and reducing the rate per order and facilities etc caused many to dropout in that organisation.

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Zomato Employees burn uniforms protesting against Chinese.

Gurugram-based foodtech unicorn Zomato took a stand on a religious controversy yesterday and is now bearing the weight of boycott and negative reviews.

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Many times these reviews contain every information from a special dish, surroundings, ambiance, staff behavior, taste to wifi-facility. Also, you can write a review yourself and share your dining experience with everyone. Zomato Food Delivery. Zomato has its presence domestically and internationally as well. The moment you open the website, it.

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Zomato’s current review system says that users can only post one review of a restaurant, and any reviews over six months are deleted. However, we noticed that some business still have reviews months or even years over the six-month limit. This method is part of the company’s belief that the most recent reviews best reflects the dining experience. How Do I Get More Zomato Reviews? Getting.

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